Children & youth: “Chemistry” theme for Lidice 2019 international art exhibition

By Yana Boneva, age 11; Bulharsko (Bulgaria), Studio of Fine Arts, Sofia

By Yana Boneva, age 11; Bulharsko (Bulgaria), Studio of Fine Arts, Sofia. All images used with permission of Pamatnik Lidice (Lidice Memorial).

LIDICE, Czech Republic — Artwork by children ages 4 through 16 is being accepted through Friday, Feb. 15, 2019, for the 47th International Children’s Exhibition of Fine Arts Lidice (ICEFA).

“Chemistry,” the 2019 theme, marks 150 years since Dmitri Mendeleyev (aka Mendeleev) introduced the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements, a system that has evolved since 1869 as a common language for modern chemistry, physics and biology.

Young artists should use the medium of their choice to express a concept related to the “Chemistry” theme. Anyone of any age with a disability may enter the competition.


By Alexandra Trubina, age 12, Belorusko (Belarus). Vitebsk city center of additional education, Malyavanka, Vitebsk.

Some art techniques to consider:

  • Drawing
  • Fiber arts
  • Film/ animation
  • Mixed media
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Print making
  • Sculpture and other 3-dimensional works, including ceramics, metal, wood, glass, paper

By Nicoleta Chrenkova, age 11, Slovensko (Slovak Republic) ZUS, Holic, Bernolakova, 3



By Eliska Sramkova, age 14, Ceska Republika (Czech Republic) ZUS Miloslava Stibora, Olomouc, Pionyrska 4/474

Established in 1967, the annual ICEFA competition and exhibition is dedicated to child victims of the Lidice destruction of 1942, and to child victims of all wars. Entries arrive at Lidice from children across the globe, with selected entries displayed at Galerie Lidice, June through November. An expert panel of judges selects the pieces for final exhibit.

The exhibition has earned a reputation as one of the largest and oldest events in children’s art production. Each year’s theme is selected in cooperation with UNESCO. Exhibition organizers note that generally, few entries are received from the United States.

In 2017, young artists from 83 countries sent 25, 690 entries. In 2018, the exhibition received the Gratias Agit award, previously known as the Jan Masaryk Gratias Agit, from the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.

A collection of works produced for the 2018 theme, “Water (above gold)”, are featured at this blog post. Information about previous exhibitions, as well as Galerie Lidice’s world-class permanent art collection, are at this blog’s link, “Triumph over tragedy.”


“Save the water,” by Luza Subert.

Participants may submit their own artwork, and teachers may send selected works from a class, preschool program or art school. Details: See  invitation announcement and rules for the 47th exhibition. Entrants are responsible for mailing expenses. Lidice Memorial staff offer these sub-themes/ ideas to ignite youth creativity:

  • Importance of fire for humankind
  • Alchemy and alchemists
  • Atom, molecule, compound
  • Memorable discoveries (metal processing, engines …)
  • Chemistry and color in everyday life (packaging, cosmetics, drugs, publications …)

Previous themes for the ICEFA are at the ICEFA archives.

Artwork within this blog post represent notable pieces from the 2018 ICEFA exhibition, whose theme was “Water (above gold)”.

Libertad whale

“Libertad,” by Eileen Camhi, age 14, Chile Instituto Hebreo Dr. Chaim Weizman, Santiago, Chile.


Special sliding doors allow layers of children’s art to be displayed at Galerie Lidice during the annual ICEFA exhibition, June through November.




Can you find the plumber? Artist TBA, Slovensko (Slovak Republic).


By Sofia Mugnaini, age 12, Firenze, Italia (Florence, Italy) Istituto Comprensivo Verdi, Firenze


Artist TBA