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Above: The street known as 10.Cervna 1942 (June 10, 1942) is lined with linden (lipa) trees and spans the quarter-mile distance between Galerie Lidice and the Memorial Museum. These two buildings flank the memorial rose garden and the new village of Lidice, built in large part due to the efforts of the “Lidice Shall Live” campaign begun in 1942 by Sir Barnett Stross and the town of Stoke-on-Trent, England. Linden is the national tree of Czech Republic and figures prominently in Slavic literature and art.                   Photo by Thomas Clark.

Home page: Roses in the Garden of Peace and Friendship at Lidice. Photo courtesy of The Associated Press. The garden, shown here June 26, 2015, won the prestigious Award of Garden Excellence for exceptional park from the World Federation of Rose Societies. The Rose Garden of Peace and Friendship in Lidice is the largest collection of roses in the Czech Republic, with 24,000 rose plants of 240 varieties, occupying an area of over 3.5 hectares (about 8.6 acres).  Photo/ Michal Krumphanze (CTK via AP Images.

Additional Associated Press photos at this blog are used with permission.

The world remembers: Recent acquisition at The McNay Art Museum: Permission to publish PDF granted by The McNay Art Museum, San Antonio, Texas. The piece, “This is Nazi Brutality,” is a lithograph by artist Ben Shahn, commissioned in 1942 by the U.S. Office of War Information.

Additional photographs by Elizabeth Cernota Clark and Thomas S. Clark, San Marcos, Texas.